Power Electronics and Grid-Tie Inverter Systems

This ASI-1000 utility interactive inverter is our first product. It is capable of on grid and off grid operation in the same unit with a single switch setting. Our on-grid unit provides backup power from solar panels during the day if your power goes out. This is an industry exlusive feature found only with Athena Energy’s ASI-1000 family. You simply¬†provide a manual or automatic transfer switch, or you can wire it into an outlet that will be active when the power goes out.

Athena Energy also sells the off-grid version that can be used to create AC for remote/off-grid applications. No need to by a solar controller or charger. Maximum power point tracker battery charging (MPPT) charging built-in on the ASI-1000 RE.

we sell three variations

  • ASI-1000 GT is our grid tie version (UL 1741 certified)
  • ASI-1000 RE is our rural electrification unit for off grid using our built in battery charger
  • ASI-1000 FT is our flexible input system for use with motors/generators, fuel cells

Our brochures cover the on-grid family and off-grid offerings.

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