Solar Power and Utility Integrated Backup Power Systems from Athena Energy.

Athena Energy is focused on solar power, utility grid-connected solar power system design and the development of high-temperature silicon carbide modules. Originally a team lead for high temperature power semiconductors in the government, Dimos continues his work into the development of a efficient power semiconductor modules and power systems for a sustainable energy environment. Call Athena Energy to support your development of advanced packaging techniques, reliability and power electronics design.


  • Development of the ASI-1000 solar power system for homes and offices
  • Development of the EnergyBridge solar power backup system
  • Development of the Semprius/Athena/Durathon hybrid solar power system for energy backup
  • Reliability and failure analysis for hybrid vehicles
  • High temperature electronics for aircraft engines
  • Power SiC modules and power SiC diode bridges
  • Energy harvesting electronic sensors

  • Sensors for current sensing (Rogowski)
  • Sensors for radiation (ionizing)

Dr. Dimosthenis Katsis is an internationally recognized power electronics designer with emphasis in high power semiconductor conversion and power semiconductor packaging design. He has specific experience in power electronics module fabrication, electrical characterization and experience on power conversion and distribution.

Dr. Katsis was recently awarded the US Army science award for leading the development of the first high-power, high-temperature 10kW SiC inverter demonstrated at 150°C baseplate temperature.

You can view his RESUME and BIOGRAPHICAL sketch in pdf format.