Rogowski Coil Systems

Why chose Athena Energy? We provide the highest performance, smallest rogowski coils in the industry. Only Athena Energy rogowski coils feature removable probes, high-temperature probes, and the world’s smallest rogowski coil. Contact us to create an order for your next current measurement solution. Please note that we supply rogowski coil systems in three lengths and diameters from 1mm to 8mm. The length of the cable is 1m for 15Mhz and 30cm for 35Mhz systems.

Please take a look at our brochure to find your new Rogowski current measurement system: AEC-brochure-productline-2016

rogowski coil sizes
rogowski coil sizes

Our price and model list
Inserting a Rogowski coil (video)
How a Rogowski coil works (video)
Double Pulse Testing (presentation)
Owner’s Manual

Once you have decided on a system, send us an email to get your quote started. You can also purchase from us directly from square market.

Buy Basic 100A 2.1mm System
Buy High Frequency 200A 2.1mm System
Buy Hi-Temp, High Frequency 200A 2.1mm System

A performance comparison of different Rogowski coils is shown in the graphic below. In all three cases we see excellent resolution but more detail in the high frequency system.

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4 thoughts on “Rogowski Coil Systems”

    1. Rogowski coils include integration and scaling electronics to convert the EMF generated in the Rogowski coil to current in a form that you can see on your oscilloscope. Our 100A probe has about 65-70dB of dynamic range depending on noise floor of your measurements. We do not sell a lower current probe that can measure picoamps at this time.

        1. Our current probes have a 70dB-77dB dynamic range depending on model.
          100A standard frequency model – 30mA (peak-peak) noise floor
          200A high-frequency model model – 40mA (peak-peak) noise floor

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