Common Mode Rogowski Measurement

One of the most effective ways to improve the lifetime of electrical equipment  is to monitor and eliminate common-mode currents. These currents are caused by source-generated switching events such as high dV/dt noise, insulation failures, at the load (i.e. motor, transformer), high-speed switching components in AC source inverters, and poor filtering. CM measurements are also used to find ground faults and can eliminate the long search for mystery trips due to occasional rare faults. Let Athena Energy help you find the easiest solution with our low-cost high performance CM measurement Rogowski coils. Our integrator offers up to 10Mhz bandwidth to allow easy resolution of CM noise from all types of sources. Our probes accommodate a 20cm (8-inch) diameter conductor.

15Mhz - 100A - low-cost systemCM-probe-60A

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Brochure: High Bandwidth Rogowski Probe for CM Measurements