Athena Energy Corp.

3100 Airport Way S. 24-203 Seattle, WA 98134
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Welcome and thanks for checking into Athena Energy. We are an American company developing solar power solutions for the world. We are the creators of the Micro-rogowski coil and the EnergyBridge, an all-in-one solution to give you the ability to generate, store, backup, and sell power to the grid. We also develop and sell sensors for current, and environment.

Athena Energy develops its own technology and manufactures it locally and with our partners, PC Precision in the Dominican Republic. Rogowski Coils and EnergyBridge inverters however are made right here in Seattle, Washington.

Athena Energy is ready to support your needs for consulting in large projects such as energy, reliability, solar, lighting, and energy efficiency. Just give us a call or drop us a line. Our friendly engineers will discuss your projects and our services. Contact Athena Energy

Present customers include:
US Army Research Laboratory (radiation sensors and energy harvesting), Navy Research Lab, General Electric, General Motors, Tesla, Robert Bosch, Semikron, Alpha V Inc.

Dimos with the Leaf, from Nissan

President’s Bio: Dimosthenis (Dimos) Katsis Ph.D.

Dimosthenis Katsis is an electrical engineer and researcher in the field of electronics and solar energy. He graduated from Virginia Tech, getting his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in 1995 and 1997.  Dimos’s main interests were on the college of engineering solar car race team and hybrid electric vehicle development team during the first part of his academic career at Virginia Tech. Dimos continued to study power electronics and electric vehicle design from 1995-1997 at the Virginia Power Electronics Center before joining General Electric Industrial Systems in Salem, VA in 1997 as an Edison Engineering fellow. After his Ph.D. studies at Virginia Tech, Dimos joined the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to develop power systems for the battlefield.  These projects included battlefield power generation, electric drives for hybrid electric vehicles, and high temperature electronics. Dimos has been working with the nuclear effects branch of the US Army Research Laboratory since 2009 on the development of wireless radiation sensors. His work in energy harvesting and energy conversion has been applied to the area of long-lived sensor research for the US Army in several programs. Dimos is also an instructor for the engineering programs for professionals EPP at the Johns Hopkins University Whiting school of Electrical and Computer Engineering and president of Athena Energy Corporation since 2009.