Beginners Guide to Interfacing Electronics to the Web

Shruti Misra and Dimosthenis Katsis, Athena Energy Corp

The Electric Imp is a powerful module that incorporates WIFI and computer power and acts as a gateway that allows devices to connect to the internet. The Electric Imp has three aspects to it: The imp module, impOS and the impCloud. The imp module consists of a 120 MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor with  2.4 GHz WiFi capability. The processor consists of GPIO ports, ADCS, UARTs etc. The impOS is the software foundation for the imp’s features and provides cloud connectivity for the same. The imp Cloud allow the users to run the ‘agent’- server-side code unique to each imp device.  The agent is used to provide HTTP IO and cloud side processing which allows the device to be connected to any other product(s) with Internet access.

connecting real hardware to the web – using the electric imp

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