Well Pumps and EnergyBridge

Thanks everyone for your notes and questions about using EnergyBridge on a well pump. Our system is a great way for you to get your power outlets working when your power goes out. In fact you can completely disconnect from the power company if you have enough solar power. Our EnergyBridge system will run lights, a full-size refrigerator, boiler/wood-stove circulator, smaller hand tools, computers, TVs etc. We cannot run the larger high pressure well pumps. For that you will need a separate inverter rated for the pump power you need. Outback power makes a nice 3000W inverter with 220V for a submersible well pump. I would recommend the EnergBridge as your source for solar charging and battery management as well at giving you 120VAC outlet power. The extra inverter should only be used for the well-pump alone. All the inverters can share a common 24V or 48V battery bank managed by the EnergyBridge. Energybridge’s built-in solar charger will keep your batteries topped off without the need to buy extra hardware.

If you run a well pump on an inverter I would also offer that the inverter Remote On/Off signal be connected to your water pressure switch.

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