Why Solar Powered Backup?

As the northeast digs out of the recent blizzard, I read that Massachusetts alone is dealing with 113,000 power outages. Of these, I am sure a small percentage of people have access to backup power. The irony in most storms, especially the big ones, is that the sun comes out. Why not take advantage of this for energy storage and banking the power to use the next night. Multi-day power outages are no joke, and running basics like a phone, coffee maker, fridge, lights, and internet is a link to civilization. The Athena Energy solar backup is not your tiny solar-powered-cellphone charger. It is a power system you can use every day, to provide backup power and to save you money on electric bills. The Athena Energy backup is powerful and safe; providing energy to a full-sized fridge and certifications for safety in your home installation. No fuel or fumes come from this backup because you use solar panels to provide energy to charge the batteries during the day. Contact Athena Energy for details and help sizing your complete system. Be ready when your lights go out with the Athena Energy solar backup.home hookup installation for backup power 300x200

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    1. Hi Kathleen, please go to our product page where we are posting connection and configurations of our three models. We offer a simple PV system that connects to the power company, a backup system for emergency power or portable power, and a backup system that can act like a UPS to give you automatic switch-over to backup power during an outage. All our systems sell excess power back to the grid to reduce the cost of ownership to zero after several years! No maintenance necessary when you use AGM batteries.

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