Pre-order your grid-tie solar inverter!

Athena Energy is excited to announce that we are manufacturing our 1000W grid-tie solar inverter. This system allows the homeowner to install a system anywhere around the house and simply plug it into a wall outlet. Yes, this inverter can also be used to provide backup AC power…just flip the switch on the bottom to OFF-GRID mode.


Athena Energy Inverter

mode switch location and DC input

Our inverters are shipping next month. We are accepting pre-orders on our new production unit. Contact us through this website to get started on your system.

Additional equipment you will need:

  1. Solar panels…we recommend four Sharp solar panels (manufactured in Tennessee) (about $1.10 / Watt)
  2. DC power cable to your panels (100′ Tyco sun-resistant cable with module connectors: $70)
  3. AC cable…this connects the inverter to a 120V branch circuit, or just plug our unit into any available wall outlet.
Sharp Solar Closeup…230W panel

If you have questions about affordable solar power, Athena Energy has your answers.