Grid Tie Inverters and Solar Power

Athena Energy is working on a low-cost grid-tie inverter. It will allow the homeowner to install a system without special certifications and in less than an afternoon. We are excited about this new product and are happy to accept inquiries for our product launch. We are looking to start selling our new inverters July 2012.

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in the meantime check out my presentation on a previous solar power conference! ttu-fall2009 grid tie solar energy

2 thoughts on “Grid Tie Inverters and Solar Power”

  1. I am looking for a a good, affordable Grid tie inverter. Please let me know if you have one or will have one avialable soon. Thanks

    1. Hi Dan, It is a pleasure to announce that we are stocking our new inverters this month. We will open our website for ordering next week. Our system is ideal for the DIY installer and setup is no-nonsense in minutes. All you need is a wall outlet and four-six solar panels for a 1000W system.

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